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    THE CREATIVE PASTE RANGE is a concentrated formula which means you only need a very small amount to produce deep, rich colour.

    With an unsurpassed range of 43 colours, there is a shade available for your every need!  Used sparingly you can achieve the most delicate pastel colours, while adding more produces lively and vibrant colours without changing the consistency of your product.  You can also paint with Creative Pastes by diluting with decorators alcohol.

    Suitable for all icings including fondant, buttercream, royal icing, whip ‘n ice, modelling paste, piping gel etc.  They also deposit into chocolate!

    They are free from preservatives.  Creative Pastes are also Gluten and Alcohol free and have been manufactured in a nut free environment.

    Size:  20 grams net

    Ingredients:  Contains Propylene Glycol | Sugar | Maize Starch | Various Colourings


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    The CREATIVE LIQUID RANGE is a concentrated water based formula created for impact. 

    Brilliant for airbrushing to achieve delicate shadings and suitable for painting to achieve more lively and vibrant colours. Also brilliant for use in all icings including fondant, buttercream, royal icing, whip ‘n ice, modelling paste, piping gel etc.

    With an unsurpassed range of 43 colours, there is a shade available for your every need!

    Size:  25mls net

    Ingredients:  Contains Water | Various Colourings

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    Do you have a store?

    No, we are the manufacturer and supply wholesale customers only.

    How can we contact you?

    You can contact the owner Carol Packer via an email enquiry or on mobile 0414 750 395.

    What are your shipping rates?

    Freight costs are dependent on the destination and weight of your order.  All orders are sent via Fastway Couriers only.

    Where can I buy Creative colours from?

    We have stockists Australia wide. Please contact us for a stockist near you. Our stockist list changes regularly, therefore we do not include them on our website.

    Can I become a stockist?

    We are always looking for new stockists so we can share our colours with as many cakies as possible! If you consider you might fulfil the wholesale terms and conditions, please complete an account application.

    What is the shelf life of the colours?

    Our synthetic range basically have an unlimited shelf life if stored correctly in a cool place. The Natural Range have a best before date of approximately 18 months, however if stored correctly, will colour your creations for many years!

    Do your colours contain preservatives?

    No, both our Synthetic and Natural Range do not contain preservatives.

    Does your Natural Range contain traces of peanuts?

    We don’t believe our Natural colours contain traces of peanuts, however because we are unable to sight the actual processing plant in the Country of Origin, we are not prepared to state they are nut free.

    Are your colours gluten free?

    Yes, both our Synthetic and Natural Range are gluten free.

    How do I use the Paste?

    Just give it a stir with a toothpick and then use the toothpick to put a dab onto your fondant and knead through – don’t double dip! 

    Can I airbrush with the Fluoros and synthetic liquids?

    Yes, just dilute with decorators alcohol or water for a perfect airbrushed finish!

    How much Fluoro liquid do I use?

    Less is more! Because they are in liquid form, if you use too much your icing will become sticky. The colours will fluoresce brighter over time (from 10 minutes to even brighter overnight). You should not be trying to achieve a deep base colour, just a true fluoro ‘highlighter’ pen colour.

  • Oil Based Chocolate Colours OUT NOW! Open or Close

    A vibrant range of oil based CREATIVE CHOCOLATE COLOURS OUT NOW!  Bring your chocolate creations to life with premium ingredients and colour concentration!

Results 1 - 82 of 82

Apple Green (Liquid)

Apple Green (Paste)

Apricot (Liquid)

Apricot (Paste)

Baby Blue (Liquid)

Baby Blue (Paste)

Baby Pink (Liquid)

Baby Pink (Paste)

Black/Grey (Liquid)

Black/Grey (Paste)

Blue (Liquid)

Blue (Paste)

Bonza Brown (Liquid)

Bonza Brown (Paste)

Bottle Green (Liquid)

Bottle Green (Paste)

Burgundy (Liquid)

Burgundy (Paste)

Bush Green (Liquid)

Bush Green (Paste)

Candy Pink (Liquid)

Candy Pink (Paste)

Caramel Brown (Liquid)

Caramel Brown (Paste)

Chocolate Brown (Liquid)

Chocolate Brown (Paste)

Coral/Flesh (Liquid)

Coral/Flesh (Paste)

Cornflower Blue (Liquid)

Cornflower Blue (Paste)

Cream (Liquid)

Cream (Paste)

Dusty Pink (Liquid)

Dusty Pink (Paste)

Emerald Green (Liquid)

Emerald Green (Paste)

Golden Yellow (Liquid)

Golden Yellow (Paste)

Gum Leaf Green (Liquid)

Gum Leaf Green (Paste)

Iris (Liquid)

Iris (Paste)

Ivory (Liquid)

Ivory (Paste)

Jade (Liquid)

Jade (Paste)

Leaf Green (Liquid)

Leaf Green (Paste)

Lemon Yellow (Liquid)

Lemon Yellow (Paste)

Lime Green (Liquid)

Lime Green (Paste)

Mauve (Liquid)

Mauve (Paste)

Navy Blue (Liquid)

Navy Blue (Paste)

Orange (Liquid)

Orange (Paste)

Perfect Peach (Liquid)

Perfect Peach (Paste)

Pillar Box Red (Liquid)

Raspberry (Liquid)

Raspberry (Paste)

Real Red (Liquid)

Real Red (Paste)

Rose Pink (Liquid)

Rose Pink (Paste)

Royal Blue (Liquid)

Royal Blue (Paste)

Ruby (Liquid)

Ruby (Paste)

Sky Blue (Liquid)

Sky Blue (Paste)

True Blue (Liquid)

True Blue (Paste)

Violet (Liquid)

Violet (Paste)

Wedgewood Blue (Liquid)

Wedgewood Blue (Paste)

White (Paste)

Wine (Liquid)

Wine (Paste)